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Thursday Oct 19, Shelter Studios 7-9pm


Anyone who’s ever work on a commercial photo job (in any capacity) that had a Producer, knows that person played an important role.  But we may not all know exactly what a Producer does.  Did you know that a Producer can help you get in touch with better clients?  Help you build an estimate and negotiate?  Help you find and build, and manage your crew?  Help with logistics: permits, insurance, and high-maintenance clients?  In short, a good Producer will handle almost everything related to your project - before, during and after - so all you have to worry about is light, the moment, and that button.


Come to our panel discussion featuring two experienced Producers:  Bobbi Peacock and Sally Mars, along with Curtis Johnson, a great local photographer who’s done it all, and who knows of life with and without a Producer.  All will share their insight and advice on how too leverage the skills of a Producer to make your life and business better.


Mark your calendar for 10/19 at Shelter Studios and check this space for more information soon!


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