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2012 Annual Assistants Meeting

2012 Annual Assistants Meeting

When, Where & Cost
Date Location  Cost
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Minneapolis, MN
Shelter Studios
2112 Broaday St. NE
Suite 150

Members: Free
Students: $5
Non-Members: $10


Every photographer agrees that a good photographers assistant is integral to the success and flow of a shoot.  The best assistants rise to the top, get the premium bookings, stay the busiest and bill top dollar.  The rest are way down the call list, are always the "2nd" or "3rd", and always left wondering if they can make it in this biz.  Are you the one a shooter can count on or are you simply an extra set of hands?


This event will outline the tools and skill that you need to become the sought after and highly coveted "Number 1".  Our panel of experienced assistants who have been around since the days of film (gasp!) along with some of the newer faces in the business will tune you in to the best practices, proper etiquette, and attention grabbing trends and stunts to get you noticed and get you hired.


Whether you are a new to assisting, are fresh out of school, have a little experience or a ton, this meeting is bound to have valuable information and tips to help you be successful in this industry. 


Panelists will include new assistants, experienced assistants, assistants making the transition to shooting, and a local commercial photographer.  We will talk about a variety of topics including current marketing strategies for assistants, financial tips, best practices, as well as discussing exactly what skills are most important and useful as an assistant (hint: it is NOT your PS skill..there are digital techs for that; speaking of, have you ever considered that there are other places for you in this business?)


Come join us at Shelter Studios for an insightful evening full of pressing questions and truthful answers about the world of photographic assisting from the professionals who are doing it right and doing it right now.


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