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ASMP-MSP Holiday Party 2014

Date Location  Cost


Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge
1900 Marshall St NE,
Minneapolis, MN 55418


All are Welcome!

Because you've been so good this year, by granting all your clients' wishes, and dropping that prima-donna/misunderstood artist routine, ASMP-MSP is inviting you to it's first ever Holiday Party and Print Exchange.  Yes, remember prints?  Well whip one up, bring it to Psycho Suzi's on December 17, throw it in the hopper, and at the end of the evening, leave with a brand new print from one of your fellow photographer's who you were too bashful to ask yourself.  It's like a pot luck, but without as much cream of mushroom soup.  Plus, because it's so important to share the great fortune you've had this year, there will be ample opportunity to contribute to some very worthy charities on site (bring some donate-able winter clothes, or just your credit card).  Seriously, no pressure, we trust you to do the right thing.  Come, have drink on us and have a good time - who can say whose life you can change, or what great art you'll go home with...

So, remember, make a print, sign it, put in an envelope, and bring it along.  Size is up to you, but what's wrong with something that fits in a good old, 9x12 envelope?  OK now, fire up those printers!  See you there!

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