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Annual Photo Assistants Meeting

Date Location  Cost


Cargo Studios
1620 Central Ave NE Suite 179,
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

FREE for all!

Anyone who’s ever been a photo assistant has no doubt entertained the idea of an Assistants Olympics - who can fold a light disc and field strip a C-stand the fastest, all while posting an Instagram.  This February, you get your wish.  In addition to an informative and inspiring panel discussion featuring working photographers - Sara Rubinstein, Chad Holder, John Haynes, and David Bowman - who will share their stories of how they transitioned from assisting to shooting, the First Annual Assistant Olympics will be celebrated.  What will the events be?  You’ll have to show up to find out.  Prizes, guaranteed fun for all, taco bar provided by Black Cat Natural Foods and kegs of tasty IPA. Don’t miss it.

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