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Max My Mac


Date Location  Cost


Social hour 6-7pm

Orbit Studios

3805 N Washington Ave,

Minneapolis, MN 55412




Has this ever happened?  You're working on some image files on your Mac and that rainbow pinwheel keeps popping up, or you just got a fancy new Mac, but it doesn't have the right ports you're used to, and your apps don't work as well as they used to.  Sound familiar?  We as professional photographers are at the mercy of Apple to make machines that we use to make our livings, but sometimes it seems like they just don't have our backs.  

Come to ASMP-MSP's Max My Mac event for some help.  Our friends at Central Coast Solutions will help you figure out how to maximize your computer’s performance to fit your professional needs.  Maybe it's time for maintenance, software updates, a new set of RAM, or maybe it really is time to ditch that ten year old laptop and join the rest of us.  

Also, have you noticed how your body hurts after a few hours of working on these computers, and you can’t seem to un-claw your hands after a while? We’ll have Barbara York, a Massage/Bodyworker Therapist with over 33 years of experience in somatic solutions, on hand to talk about how to make your everything hurt less while working - think of it a OSHA for creatives.  Thinking about a standing workstation, but not sure how?  We’ll cover that as well.

Don’t miss this one - your body will thank you right away, (and that guy from craigslist who bought your ten year old laptop will thank you later.)