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Review 612 (4/29)

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Minneapolis Community and Technical College
1501 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403

ASMP Member, 1-4 reviews $50.00 each
ASMP Member, 5 or more reviews $45.00 each

Non-member, 1-4 reviews $60.00 each
Non-member, 5 or more reviews $55.00 each

For all the hours you spend SEO-ing your website just to have some bunker-dwelling code-writer change the algorithm without consulting you, twenty minutes in front of a human (yes they are human) Art Director will do you much more good in the long run. But they never take your phone calls, and they only look at your postcard on its way to the trash just long enough to check to see if it's addressed correctly (or so you think).

On April 29th, the Minneapolis St Paul chapter of ASMP is giving you the opportunity for some quality face time with Art Directors, Art Buyers and other Creative Deciders from the region.

Review 612. Friday, April 29th, at MCTC. Sign up for twenty-minute meetings with someone who will look at your work, give you honest feedback, and maybe even hire you some day, now that they've met you and can see that you (yes you) are human, too.

Priority will be given to ASMP members, so let this be the final nail in that coffin of excuses you've used to keep from joining ASMP - the premiere trade organization for professional photographers.

Registration will run from Monday, April 4 to Monday April 25. (Day of Registration will be a higher cost)


... after April 18th, our early bird prices are expiring and rates will be as follows:

  • ASMP member, 5+ reviews $45.00 ASMP membership
  • ASMP member, 1-4 reviews $50.00 ASMP membership
  • Non-member, 5+ reviews $55.00 None 
  • Non-member, 1-4 reviews $60.00 None  


Here is a list of confirmed reviewers: Bio information for the reviewers


  • Kristi Anderson Two Spruce Design
  • Troy Braun The Photo Agent
  • David Bowman National Geographic Creative Photographer and Educator
  • Jac Coverdale VP Executive Creative Director, Clarity Coverdale Fury  
  • Kat Dalager Director of Project Operations, 3e The Life Time Agency
  • Susan Hatten Senior Content Producer, Ogilvy & Mather
  • Gina Hessburg Freelance Art Producer
  • Kris LaFavor Graphic Designer, Design Head
  • Conor Lawrence Freelance Stills & Motion Producer ,Artists Representative ,Conor Lawrence Represents, 514 Studios
  • Regina McCombs Senior Editor for Visual News, Minnesota Public Radio News
  • Kirsten Mortensen Midwest Home
  • Ben Muller Art Producer, Colle+McVoy
  • Bobbi Peacock Freelance Producer and Art Buyer
  • Chris Peters Senior Art Producer, Colle+McVoy
  • Carolyn Potts Photography Marketing Consultant / Agent
  • Kayd Roy Designer and Art Director
  • Craig Sinard Sinard Marketing
  • Marsha Trainer Art Producer, mono
  • Kathy Umland VP Director of Creative Operations, Martin Williams Advertising
  • Jo Wagner Freelance Art Buyer and Producer
  • Kim Witzack Freelance Art Buyer




Participants will submit a prioritized list of which reviewers they'd like to meet with.  We will then match as many as possible with respect to changing reviewers' schedules.

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Portfolio Drop Off Option: 

So, you'd love to show off your work, but you get booked on a nice job that day, or maybe you're a bit shy and have a hard time making eye contact, or maybe you weren't able to get your nice photographer pants back from the cleaner in time.  Regardless, we have an option for you.  For just $75, you can drop off your book at our Review 612 HQ and we will leave it in the Green Room where all of our reviewers will be resting in between all their stimulating meetings. (Cash or credit card accepted when you drop off your book.) We will leave your book out for them to peruse at their leisure throughout the day.  It will be just like dropping your book off at any agency, except your book may be seen by a couple dozen creatives from multiple agencies in the space of one day, for a measly $75. OK? What's your excuse now?